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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 10

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Watch Gabi's vids Aunty is involved and Men in Grey. Read a transcript of Josh and Gabi's meeting at Habbo Hotel.

Plot spoilers: (highlight below)
Gabi realises that MCV from Bennett's blog is Mary Carmen Valencia - her father's cousin. She calls her aunt to hear just a voice message. Gabi goes round to her aunty's apartment on a the Vespa belonging to her friends brother, only to find it beign watched by the ominous men in grey suits who drive a black Ford Explorer. We know these from Bennett's blog - they are the guys who chased him, who prob killed PJ Beltran and his graduate student Simon Reyes.

Josh posts a comment on Gabi's blog telling her to be careful - these men in grey may have seen her face now, in which case she's for it. But as Psysop points out on unfiction - what if they've seen the license plates on the Vespa...? Gabi's not too worried. She thinks they haven't put it together yet that SHE is PJ's daughter. Hmmm...we'll see.

Extra bit #1: Forgot to mention that that Mary Carmen Valencia is mentioned in two other in-game sites; watch closely the YouTube vid trailer for INVISIBLE CITY and also as the co-author of a paper on this in-game site with Josh's dad Andres Garcia. The paper is titled: In search of a Fifth codex ofthe Ancient Maya

Habbo chat spoilers:
TheOldman was still writing the stickies when I left - they are in his room on Habbo (TheOldMan49, password was Watcher). Here is Psysop's transcript of the conversation:

Basically, Josh and Gabi talked about the lab that her aunty Mary-Carmen took the test-tubes to for testing. (see above - the Poborsky lab). Josh googles and finds the virtual lab site for Magda Poborky's online lab - an online service which lab members can use to ask a technician finish their work if they can't make it into the lab.
The online service isn't working for Gabi either. So they are waiting to test a sample...because guess what? Mary Carmen left Bennett's tube in the test-tube rack! It's there for us all to see. 
But the service works now! test it at the Poborsky online lab.

And it has Mary-Carmen's number on it! I know cos I called it...

Extra bit #2: The phone number is 55-84-21-43-99. A Mexico number so to call from UK you need prefix 00-52
I used Skype.

There's a phone message from MCV. Apparently she's out of town.
Well, duh.

(NB - This Skype number may have been suspended since these events took place. Sometimes the past is tricky to uncover!)