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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 27

Gabi's final request for help

Gabi's blog has what looks like a farewell post...she's on her way to safety somewhere with Mary Carmen.

Her blog post includes Gabi's email address - she's promised to reply (eventually) if we send her our theory for who killed her dad.

Meanwhile, TheOldMan49 is still ranting on about the final clue being at Chaldexx

Still haven't spotted it...guess I need to look more closely.

Oh and...check out Psysop's account (look at post 26) of his version of Gabi's night run. His was way more dramatic than mine...I made her play too safe I think...

Still, you can play it over again.

So...anyone worked out who Hans Runig is?

ADDED LATER: Psysop's post (post 27, titled Gabi escapes with MCV & they meet up with JB) has an analysis of all the new details on the Chaldexx site. They may be the final clues needed to solve the mystery.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 26

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Day 26: Gabi's blogpost I think I've got this working tells us the plan. She's going to be using her BlackBerry to record voicenotes and send them to the Internet. Gabi has set up a little Website where we can follow her progress and help her navigate across the city to the Aztec Stadium. 

NB: The URL is the same as Gabi's name on Habbo...

BUT! As TheOldMan49 has pointed out in his tweets - Hans Runig knows about Gabi's meeting with Mary Carmen! They must have tapped her dad's BlackBerry - cos Mary Carmen's voicemails have just gone up on her surveillance file at Hans Runig's site.

NB: Psysop has spotted that the storm symbols on the Hans Runig site propobably represent the storm glyph mentioned in ICE SHOCK by Josh...which might confirm that Hans Runig is indeed part of - or in charge of - the Sect of Huracan...

It's a nail-biting finale. Won't tell you how it ends...try for yourself!

A tip: if you want to help Gabi by sending answers, open another tab/window to search Google. Gabi's program keeps running in the main one. Enable GPS tracking in Gabi's software to give readouts of each new location of hers.

A tweet from TheOldMan49 mentions something about a breaking news story about DiCanio. It seems DiCanio has disappeared

ADDED LATER: El International de Mexico reports on DiCanio'sdisappearance.

Biotech Scientist in Middle Eastern yacht mystery

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 25

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Watch Gabi's vids One more day and We are go! Read the news article about Gabi Beltran going missing.
DNA scientist's daughter missing
Plot spoilers:
Gabi thinks about handing herself in to Hans Runig - but she can't trust him.Then Mary Carmen gets in touch with Gabi. She tells her to meet her aunt at the Estadio Azteca (Aztec Stadium) in Mexico City at 1.30am. Gabi is excited and scared to think of trekking across the south of the city in the dead of night - alone. She decides to come up with a plan in the hours she has left...

Meanwhile Gabi's disappearance has started the police wondering if there is a connection between the kidnapping of the Ortiz family and Beltran's murder. Finally!

Gabi is now asking the question that we should be asking. WHO IS HANS RUNIG?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 24

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Day 24: Watch Gabi's vids ScaredBlackBerry and Mary-Carmen, read the newsarticle about the kidnapping of the Ortiz family.
Spiralling Kidnap Crisis
Using the password on the Hans Runig site, listen to secret recordings of two more meetings between Bennett and DiCanio (CHQ-6LP -3 CHQ-6LP -4) and also phone message 4 from PJ Beltran.

Plot spoilers:
Gabi finally gets a call on her dad's Blackberry - it is her aunt Mary Carmen. Mary-Carmen has only just got round to replying to the pleas for help that Gabi has left on her voicemail. She tells Gabi that Gabi is in danger - and that Mary Carmen will help. A plan to get Gabi out of there will be coming up soon...

Meanwhile the police are still barking up the wrong tree - they think the Ortiz family have been kidnapped by a former client of Jessica's lawyer father, who wants revenge for not being saved from jail.

Listening to the secret recordings pretty much gives us all the clues we need to work out why PJ was killed and by who. I won't post my full theory here...but if you listen carefully you'll see that two organisations wanted the same thing - Beltran's research and anyone who knows what it could be used for. Beltran was asked nicely, it seems, and paid a lot of money. But maybe he didn't come through with the goods? Or maybe they just needed the DNA and stuff - and Beltran himself had to be silenced? 

Also - both organisations wanted Jackson Bennett to go to Iraq on a mission that only he could accomplish. We don't know exactly what that is, but it seems to involve an ancient artefact. We know that in ICE SHOCK Josh steals the Adaptor from Madison and the Sect. The Sect need access to a Revival Chamber, especially after they lose control of the one in Mexico. 

The question is - are these really TWO organisations? Or is one the secret, hidden identity of the other? 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 23

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Watch Gabi's vids Gone and Leaving. TheOldMan49 tweets about a controversial article into which Mary Carmen had some input. He digs it out and posts the article Ancient Sumerian Biologists on his site, This means we now know that TheOldMan49 is an in-game character, presumably one of the people who "oppose the global conspiracies that threaten to destroy the world." mentions the Sect of Huracan in at least two places as one of these suspicious global organisations.

Psysop has an interesting theory about the meaning of the symbols on the Adaptor...tying it in with part of the coded messages that Josh receives in ICE SHOCK from the mysterious time-traveller 'Arcadio'.

Plot spoilers:
Gabi is horrified to discover that her friend Jessica's family, the Ortizes have been kidnapped. Gabi was supposed to be out to dinner with them but went to see her mum in hospital instead. The police assume it's another horrible Mexico City kidnap, but Gabi fears the hand of Hans Runig. She decides that she can't go to the police and takes off, hanging out in coffee shops. posting to the blog from her dad's BlackBerry. In one of these coffee shops Gabi risks another chat with Hans Runig, who claims he did kidnap the Ortiz family. Runig tells Gabi that she has 3 days to hand over all her dad's research...or else Jessica and her family will pay.

The article Ancient Sumerian Biologists? is very technical, but it basically says that someone discovered an ancient clay tablet inscribed with specially modified Sumerian symbols that translate as amino acids - the chemicals that make up protein. There's a comment on the article - prob from TheOldMan49 although here he's called theheresiarch - saying that it's such an outrageous idea - that anyone in Sumerian times could know about amino acids - that they had to pull the article. TheOldman49 has posted it because it reminds him of the symbols on the Adaptor. 

Sure enough - if you translate the Sumerian symbols on the Adaptor - 
- they spell out the amino acid sequence agylihrppreikgr 

This is what Bennett calls the Beltran sequence, it's also the URL of Hans Runig's site which was set to pick up anyone searching for that sequence on the Web.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 22

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Watch Gabi's vid Ancient Sumerian

Plot spoilers:
Gabi is putting together clues from Bennett's blog and the hacked Hans Runig site. She's worked out that the Sumerian symbols on Hans Runig's site also reads as the site password. She's listened to conversations between Bennett and DiCanio and has noticed that they mention an ancient race called the 'Anunnaki'. If you look at you'll find an article Sumeria and the Anunnaki which explains a bit about the Anunnaki - thought to be "a race of human-alien hybrids who were sent to help humans build a civilisation". 

If you look at the article you'll also see that the symbols that spell 'Anunnaki' in Sumerian also appear on the Adaptor: 

And in the article TranslateAncient Script there's a link to a document for translating Sumerian to English. You can use this to translate the symbols on the Adaptor. Psysop has posted a translation to his thread. 

If you've read ICE SHOCK you'll know that the Adaptor is one of the relics that is needed to activate the Revival Chambers. We know from the news article at the beginning of ICE SHOCK that Simon Madison has stolen the Adaptor. He, his father Marius Martineau and someone known only as 'the Professor' - all members of the Sect of Huracan - try to activate a Revival Chamber in the depths under Becan - near to Ek Naab. You can see one side of the inscriptions on the Adaptor on the hacked Hans Runig site.