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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 9

What is this all about? read the introduction:

Watch Gabi's video: Found Him. Find Jackson Bennett's blog (password needed - see spoiler section below). 
Read posts on 2nd (Monday) and 3rd (Tuesday) On 4th Jackson has posts which mention Chaldexx in the title - find 

Hey - loads happening now!

Gabi starts looking at her dad's blog and Jackson Bennett's blog - she works out from a hint on Bennett's first post that the password is (highlight spoiler) isa.

Plot spoilers: (highlight below)
Gabi's dad was working with this company called Chaldexx - fact that's where he was visiting when away on a trip at the beginning. Meanwhile Bennett uses his blog to communicate with the person who helped him to escape - a woman who signs herself MCV. 

Reading the blog posts, it looks like MCV and Bennett also had a fling - and they're getting all romantic. Mainly though they talk about what MCV has been doing to solve the mystery of - you guessed it - what is in the test-tube that PJ Beltran gave to Bennett?

MCV goes to a friend who runs a lab (Magda Poborsky). She finds that the test-tube contains a DNA sequence - Bennett and her call it the BELTRAN sequence. A completely unknown sequence - not found in any plant or animal on Earth! (alien interference anyone?) 

Bennett types the sequence into a Web browser and gets taken to a Website where there's a chat window. He chats with someone online called HANS RUNIG - someone who seems to know who Bennett is. But as Bennett chats he realises that his IP address is being traced. This could lead to his location being discovered. He cuts the internet connection. MCV says she's coming back to her flat.

NB - around this time MCV learns that PJ Beltran is dead - she's upset. He was her cousin! Now we know why MCV's telephone number was written on the test-tube that PJ gave to Bennett - he wanted to lead Bennett to MCV, just in case.

There are more posts on Bennett's blog after that but they have a different password.

Password spoiler: (highlight below)
The password for the posts after 4th, Wednesday on Bennett's blog is genetica
I found this on a sticky written (in Morse code) by Psysop in Habbo. Psysop got it from TheOldMan49's twitter feed, where TheOldMan49 tweeted it in code.

Resume spoiling of plot 

 (highlight below) starts to get complicated. A whole other story emerges between Jackson Bennett and MCV. 

Bennett gets an invitation - out of the blue - to visit the top scientist at Chaldexx in Switzerland (her name is Melissa DiCanio). MCV and Bennett agree to part - Chaldexx's private jet will get him out of Mexico quietly so whoever is after him will be shaken off. MCV says she'll hide out in a hotel at the beach.

Bennett begins to understand the nature of the work that PJ was doing. It gets a bit sciency! The gist is that 

PJ was working with Chaldexx on some super-secret project involving a maize gene called phoenix. 

Bennett works on a related gene - joust - from fruitfly. But there's also a human version. And the human version - Melissa DiCanio claims, can give certain people the power of mind control. 

Meanwhile, Bennett talks again to HANS RUNIG. 

BOTH Runig and DiCanio wants Bennett to go to Iraq to get an ancient artefact. It can only be touched by people protected by a certain gene...and Bennett has the gene (aha - a connection with Invisible City!). 

Bennett decides to accept the mission for DiCanio/Chaldexx and NOT Runig. He's all set to go to Iraq when MCV discovers something ominous in an ancient Sumerian inscription - and she warns him not to go.

But is it already too late?