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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 19

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Gabi posts a vid: Countdown. There's another related news story on El International de Mexico: Beltran's cousin is missing.

Cousin of Murdered DNA scientist is missing
Plot spoilers:
Gabi has finally got around to working out the password for the later posts on Bennett's blog and has caught up on what has been going on with Mary Carmen and Bennett until a few days ago. She has realised that Jackson has now gone to Iraq and her aunt has been quiet for over a week. Gabi guesses that her aunt is still hiding in a hotel somewhere, as she told Jackson she would. Gabi is beginning to think that the chat site guy, Hans Runig, killed her father. And she wonders ominously about the countdown on the site...what language are those symbols?
In fact, if you ask Hans 'did you kill PJ Beltran' or even about the symbols, or the password on the chat site, he will answer....