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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 17

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Watch Gabi's vids  Found in TranslationClose Call

Plot spoilers:
Like us (if you use the Poborsky lab to analyse the results), Gabi has also been sent the amino acid translation of the DNA. When she plugs that sequence into a search engine she comes across a strange site where she chats with a guy who seems to know something about her dad's death. To Gabi's horror, he also knows about her aunt and Gabi's visit to her aunt's place on the Vespa. And gives this sinister warning: La vida es la barata, pequeña, pero el mundo no lo es. (Life is cheap, little one, but the world isn't.) Meanwhile Josh isn't answering. Where could he be? If you've read ICE SHOCK you'll know...If you look at Gabi's post Close Call you'll see the text of Gabi's chat.

Website spoilers:
Finally - this is the Website that the ICE SHOCK coded message is needed for. 

Take the password supplied by Josh in his message and enter it - quickly! Before the site times you out. Then re-enter the password. Then you're in. 

This seems to be the secret surveillance documents of the Sect of Huracan - Josh's enemy in ICE SHOCK. There are audio files and chat transcripts there, all telling the story we know so far in more detail and from different viewpoints. There are also dossiers on all the characters plus one more - Col. Conor Bennett. This is Jackson's twin brother. He works for the Airforce and also the National Reconnaissance Office. You'll remember the NRO from INVISIBLE CITY - in that book Josh thinks they - or Madison - may have killed his dad, Andres Garcia. 

Psysop has done a nice analysis of the meanings of the various colour-statuses of the characters in their dossier. This way we can see which had been caught by the Sect at this stage, and which they are still chasing. Right now they are still chasing Gabi and her aunt Mary Carmen. 

You can also visit the site without using the password and chat with 'Hans Runig' the guy that Gabi spoke to. It's fun! You can ask him who killed PJ Beltran, about Gabi, other stuff. Good clues here.