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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 15

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

The Poborsky lab online service is working again. Go to the site and select the DNA Analyzer service and then pick out Bennett's test-tube (the one with Mary Carmen's phone number written on the lid.) I received the results by email about 24 hours later: 

If you put the amino acid sequence into a search engine you get a website.

Plot spoilers:
The tube contains DNA, just as Josh and Gabi suspected. The email gives the DNA sequence for the contents of the tube, and also the translation into protein sequence (amino acids). Beltran seems to have sent a message - coded into DNA. From Bennett's blog it doesn't look like PJ was actually intending to send a literal message. More like - PJ was working on this molecule. (maybe this is the thing Bennett calls phoenix? The website seems to be set up to attract anyone searching for that amino acid sequence on the Web. PJ wandered into it...I guess. And so did Bennett.
Extra note: MG reminded us to have our deciphered message from ICE SHOCK ready. If you haven't already deciphered it (I have) you can use Psysop's very useful cipher key that I have NO idea how he worked out without Invisible City, but works...i.e. you get a message from Josh, with a password. Haven't found how/where to use it though.

Or - if you've read APOCALYPSE MOON you'll know that Josh and Ixchel use this password to get into the secret site of the Sect of Huracan.