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Introduction to the mystery (START HERE)

In December 2010, the godfather of Josh Garcia (who blogged at The Joshua Files) was murdered.

Gabi Beltran turned to her friend Josh for help in solving the mystery. Here's the story of How I became involved with Gabi Beltran and Josh Garcia.

This site is a walkthrough the mystery of PJ Beltran's death. We will explore the evidence that's scattered across the Web as it is discovered by Gabi Beltran and Josh Garcia. We'll watch Gabi's video blogs and unravel the story.

I will post something on every day in which something happened in the story. If nothing happens on DAY 2, there won't be a post that day. This will run for about a month, with something happening at least every two days.

FIRST - Find Gabi's blog and one other in-game website by closely watching Youtube video trailers for INVISIBLE CITY and ICE SHOCK.

Spoilers appear in dark text - highlight them and they'll go white.

Try it - highlight the line below.
This is how you can read the spoilers.

(with thanks to Gerry Trow and Psysop who first found the path)