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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 4

Read the news article from El International de Mexico - reports that Gabi's father, PJ Beltran, is suspected of being a terrorist
DNA Scientist: Suspected Terrorist
.Watch Gabi's vids Impossible and Bad News

Plot spoiler:
Gabi finds out that dad has been murdered. She is devastated...and then the rumour that her dad might have been working with bio-terrorists (see posts Asasinato and Terrorista).
PJ Beltran was meeting another scientist - Jackson Bennett from the USA at Mexico City airport. They exchanged some samples of biological material (in plastic test-tubes or vials). Then PJ Beltran was shot.
Did Jackson Bennett kill him? He's gone missing - on the run, so it looks dodgy. NB - Gabi remembers Bennett as a good friend of her dad's. She doesn't think Bennett could have killed her dad.

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :