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Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 22

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Watch Gabi's vid Ancient Sumerian

Plot spoilers:
Gabi is putting together clues from Bennett's blog and the hacked Hans Runig site. She's worked out that the Sumerian symbols on Hans Runig's site also reads as the site password. She's listened to conversations between Bennett and DiCanio and has noticed that they mention an ancient race called the 'Anunnaki'. If you look at you'll find an article Sumeria and the Anunnaki which explains a bit about the Anunnaki - thought to be "a race of human-alien hybrids who were sent to help humans build a civilisation". 

If you look at the article you'll also see that the symbols that spell 'Anunnaki' in Sumerian also appear on the Adaptor: 

And in the article TranslateAncient Script there's a link to a document for translating Sumerian to English. You can use this to translate the symbols on the Adaptor. Psysop has posted a translation to his thread. 

If you've read ICE SHOCK you'll know that the Adaptor is one of the relics that is needed to activate the Revival Chambers. We know from the news article at the beginning of ICE SHOCK that Simon Madison has stolen the Adaptor. He, his father Marius Martineau and someone known only as 'the Professor' - all members of the Sect of Huracan - try to activate a Revival Chamber in the depths under Becan - near to Ek Naab. You can see one side of the inscriptions on the Adaptor on the hacked Hans Runig site.