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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 24

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Day 24: Watch Gabi's vids ScaredBlackBerry and Mary-Carmen, read the newsarticle about the kidnapping of the Ortiz family.
Spiralling Kidnap Crisis
Using the password on the Hans Runig site, listen to secret recordings of two more meetings between Bennett and DiCanio (CHQ-6LP -3 CHQ-6LP -4) and also phone message 4 from PJ Beltran.

Plot spoilers:
Gabi finally gets a call on her dad's Blackberry - it is her aunt Mary Carmen. Mary-Carmen has only just got round to replying to the pleas for help that Gabi has left on her voicemail. She tells Gabi that Gabi is in danger - and that Mary Carmen will help. A plan to get Gabi out of there will be coming up soon...

Meanwhile the police are still barking up the wrong tree - they think the Ortiz family have been kidnapped by a former client of Jessica's lawyer father, who wants revenge for not being saved from jail.

Listening to the secret recordings pretty much gives us all the clues we need to work out why PJ was killed and by who. I won't post my full theory here...but if you listen carefully you'll see that two organisations wanted the same thing - Beltran's research and anyone who knows what it could be used for. Beltran was asked nicely, it seems, and paid a lot of money. But maybe he didn't come through with the goods? Or maybe they just needed the DNA and stuff - and Beltran himself had to be silenced? 

Also - both organisations wanted Jackson Bennett to go to Iraq on a mission that only he could accomplish. We don't know exactly what that is, but it seems to involve an ancient artefact. We know that in ICE SHOCK Josh steals the Adaptor from Madison and the Sect. The Sect need access to a Revival Chamber, especially after they lose control of the one in Mexico. 

The question is - are these really TWO organisations? Or is one the secret, hidden identity of the other?