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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 26

What is this all about? Read the Introduction :

Day 26: Gabi's blogpost I think I've got this working tells us the plan. She's going to be using her BlackBerry to record voicenotes and send them to the Internet. Gabi has set up a little Website where we can follow her progress and help her navigate across the city to the Aztec Stadium. 

NB: The URL is the same as Gabi's name on Habbo...

BUT! As TheOldMan49 has pointed out in his tweets - Hans Runig knows about Gabi's meeting with Mary Carmen! They must have tapped her dad's BlackBerry - cos Mary Carmen's voicemails have just gone up on her surveillance file at Hans Runig's site.

NB: Psysop has spotted that the storm symbols on the Hans Runig site propobably represent the storm glyph mentioned in ICE SHOCK by Josh...which might confirm that Hans Runig is indeed part of - or in charge of - the Sect of Huracan...

It's a nail-biting finale. Won't tell you how it ends...try for yourself!

A tip: if you want to help Gabi by sending answers, open another tab/window to search Google. Gabi's program keeps running in the main one. Enable GPS tracking in Gabi's software to give readouts of each new location of hers.

A tweet from TheOldMan49 mentions something about a breaking news story about DiCanio. It seems DiCanio has disappeared

ADDED LATER: El International de Mexico reports on DiCanio'sdisappearance.

Biotech Scientist in Middle Eastern yacht mystery