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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How I became involved with Gabi Beltran and Josh Garcia

In December 2010, a teenage girl named Gabi Beltran began keeping a blog.

Soon afterwards, Gabi Beltran's father, Dr. PJ Beltran was murdered in Mexico City. A number of articles appeared in the press, which discussed a number of theories.

The murder remains unsolved to this day.

Gabi didn't believe the theories, especially not the story the police seemed to believe. She began to discuss her father's murder with his godson, a 14-year old boy named Josh Garcia.

Josh Garcia also wrote a blog - The Joshua Files.

Gabi and Josh started to communicate via their blogs. Sometimes they'd arrange to meet in a virtual chat space for teenagers known as Habbo Hotel.

They were trying to solve the mysterious death of Gabi's father, Dr. PJ Beltran. They got too close to the truth.

Gabi went missing one night. She hasn't been seen since. There's been no more activity on her blog. Josh Garcia too, has gone quiet.

I've set up this blog because there are still so many unanswered questions. I think I may know what happened.

If you'd like to try your hand at solving this mystery, look at some of the Websites in the sidebar.

Where to start? Well, you could try watching Gabi Beltran's story unfold on her blog.

If you're smart, it's possible to work your way through and come up with a theory. It might even be the same as mine...

If you think you're ready to post a theory about what happened to Gabi Beltran, leave a comment.


  1. TheOldMan49 how do you think people would get all this information?
    you putting everything on youtube has made everything about her clear for all to see.

  2. Anonymous2:39 AM

    hello my name is alex not full name but is will suffice. I have extensively reviewed Gabi beltrans blog as well as her voice msgs and have deduced that she extradited herself from mexico with her aunt Mary Carmen.Although there is still much to be said about her fathers death I do know her fathers killer his name is Hans Runiq and as for public record there is nothing on this man except for threatening conversations to Gabi and tidbits of information tying him to Gabis' father.

    Thanks anything regarding this contact me at my email

  3. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Ok... Very interesting story. And the encrypted word captivated my attention. But why don't the links work? And... Ps: I searched on the internet her father's death... Not a single word.

  4. Thank you for your various comments and please forgive my late attention to this blog.
    The truth is that since I created this blog I have, like some of you, been able to discover the truth about Gabi Beltran.
    The mystery is there for anyone to solve, just as Alex has done, and I myself.
    The articles from El International de Mexico did indeed disappear from the Web - they were hosted on a site that has since closed down. I had downloaded copies and have now uploaded them to another site.

    Thank you for your continuing interest in this mystery. As I say, the answers are there amongst all the various secret recordings and the exchanges between Mary Carmen Valencia her niece Gabi Beltran and the scientists Jackson Bennett.

    Also, there's been activity on Josh Garcia's blog, after a long silence. Josh says he has started a new blog - but as yet I have been unable to find it, or to find out what happened to him after he departed for Mexico.